Poker Theory and Analytics

What we can learn from poker game to win the business world

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Course Description :
Poker is a unique game of its own. It's not a mere game, but a test for one character too. Kevin Osmond teaches us about what to learn from poker game to be applied to the business world. The better you play poker, the better you will be as a businessman. For those who are interested in the area of management and investing, learn introduction to poker theory will be very useful.

This lesson is Made for :
  • Businessman
  • Startup founder
  • Startup enthusiast
  • Investor
  • Students

  • You will learn stuff about :
  • The theory behind poker game
  • How to apply poker theory to management

  • Requirements for this lesson :
  • Basic understanding of English
  • Open mind and play some poker
  • Video
    1000 minutes
    Skill Level


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